Who Makes Srixon Golf Balls

Who Makes Srixon Golf Balls – Easy Discussion in 2022

Over the years, the popularity of golf balls from Srixon got noticeably higher. The built quality and durability are so commendable that it is now one of the fastest-growing golf ball manufacturers in the US.

Although the brand has immense popularity for its golf balls, some speculations persist centering the brand. People are unsure if Srixon produces balls on their own or a third-party manufactures balls for Srixon.

To clear out the fog, we have conducted in-depth research on Srixon golf balls. And therefore, we tried to unfold what goes behind the production of these consistent golf balls.

If you are inquisitive to know about the making of Srixon balls, you can take out some time and give this article a read.

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Do Srixon Manufacture Golf Balls on Their Own?

The answer to this question can be both yes and no. Sounds bewildering, right?

Well, let us explain.

Srixon manufactures most of its golf balls in its Japanese manufacturing unit. Here to mention, most of the golf balls, not all.

Apart from Japan, the brand manufactures golf clubs in different parts of Asia and the United States. Most of the golf clubs that you buy in North America are assembled in Huntington Beach of California.

Besides its production unit, Srixon have some expansion with Cleveland and XXIO since 2016.

So, the bottom line is, Srixon manufactures many of their golf balls and has companies who work for them.

Depending on your preference and budget, you can pick any of the golf balls. Here to mention, there is no major difference among the balls from different producers.

Popular Golf Balls Under the Umbrella of the Brand Srixon

Popular Golf Balls Under the Umbrella of the Brand Srixon

There is hardly any room for complaints when working with any Srixon balls. Nevertheless, a few of the Srixon creations steal the show.

To meet your needs, we have handpicked a few golf balls for varied demands. Going through the specifications will help you in understanding every ball and its uses.


If you are an OG of Srixon golf balls, you are probably well acquainted with the model Srixon AD333. Currently, the brand is producing the tenth generation of this cult favorite two piece golf ball set.

For anyone who prefers a long and straight flight in their golf balls, AD333 is the right way to move. The compact yet lightweight core provides the ball with a substantial flight time.

Amateurs or golfers who struggle to get an expert swing speed will get a lot of use out of this golf ball. The pricing on this ball adds up to the pros of this ball.

Soft Feel

Soft Feel golf balls are a highly lauded pick from the Srixon collection. The reason behind its popularity is the relatively lower compression rating.

In most cases, the compression of this ball is around 60 rating. On that account, golfers get a lower spin from the ball.

These balls have a simple dual-layer construction with an ionomer cover. As a result, the ball gets a lower spin rating along with softer green edging.

The affordable price tag and hard-wearing build make Srixon Soft Feel an ideal pick for someone entering the amusing world of golf.  Additionally, you can check out the soft feel lady as well.


Many of us want our golf balls to traverse a long distance. However, we are unwilling to compromise on the green feel.

For such demands, there can be no better option than the Q-Star model from Srixon. If you want to know about the Srixon Golf Balls, you can click here.

This fifth generation Srixon Q-Star is built with a FastLayer Core and a spin skin. In addition, the outer layer is dimpled with SeRM 338.

That way, this golf ball offers a decent flight with a satisfactory feel around the green. The mid range compression makes this ball way more versatile than any other Srixon golf ball in the market.

Q-Star Tour

What makes Q-Star Tour stand apart from the crowd is its multi-layer built.

The ball has a rubber core and a urethane outer layer. There is a mantle layer in between the core and exterior. Hence, the ball gradually becomes more pliable from the core to the edge.

Like any other Q-Star series ball, this ball is very versatile in terms of utility.

As the lower compression allows a high launch, golfers with moderate swing will effortlessly find their sweet spot. The relatively low swing allows golfers to have an expert-level experience. Our selected Juggling Balls list for you – Top 5 picks.

Q-Star Divide

The best part about these balls is the tear resistant trait. As a result, you can use the ball anywhere without worrying much about the tear.

This Q-Star Divide ball has three distinct layers. The ball gains multiple functionalities from its different layers.

The mid layer helps in gaining speed while the outer layer pushes the ball to traverse the maximum distance. The outer layer makes the Q-Star Divide easier to handle. Top 5 Playground Balls for your home – Buying guide.

Z-Star and Z-Star XV

The latest addition to the Srixon family is the Z-Star and Z-Star XV.  To find the collection of the MOTIV Bowling Ball, you can click here.

If you are looking for amplified swing speed, picking Srixon’s Z-Star is the right way to move.

The addition of the fourth layer makes Z-Star XV makes the golf ball more firm with relatively high flight.

Final Words

Final Words

You can hardly go wrong with golf balls from Srixon. No matter what your demand is, Srixon has something from its wide array of golf ball options.

On that account, take time and check out the available golf ball options prior to buying one. That way, you can assure getting the best value for money.

We hope our writing was informative enough to clear your confusion about the production of Srixon balls. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us.