How to Organize a 5 Slot Golf Bag

How to Organize a 5 Slot Golf Bag – Easy Tips for Beginners in 2022

Do you have a 5 slot golf bag? There are many types of golf bags and all have different styling and different slots in them. However, golf bags with 5 slots are the most used and they are one of the easiest golf bags to organize.

Golf bags are designed in a way that you can carry everything you need for playing golf in a bag. The bags keep everything organized and also keep the delicate and expensive clubs from being damaged.

Although only having a golf bag won’t help you go anywhere. You need to properly organize the bag too. Unless you want your irons damaged, your bag should be neat.

That’s why we are sharing with you the most used method of organizing a 5 slot golf bag. You can follow through with this article and learn more about the process.

How to Organize a 5 Slot Golf Bag

Organize a 5 Slot Golf Bag

Firstly, you need to tidy up your golf bag. Most people have leftover junk from other games in their bags. This can make the bag tighter when organizing clubs. Also, the balance of the bag can be harmed.

That’s why check your golf bag for any junk that you might have leftover. Get rid of all the junk and keep only the necessary accessories.

Then you should put all your clubs in front of you and just keep them close for later.

Woods, Hybrids, and Drivers

These are the longest clubs in the set. That’s why they should go in the bag first. As these are longer in size than other clubs they need to be arranged in such a way that they don’t damage other clubs in the bag while being carried.

That’s why woods, drivers, and hybrid clubs go in the back slot of the bag. This is the slot closest to the straps. Also, arrange your clubs left to right. This way you will have a nice descending order from left to right.


The irons go in the middle slots of the bag. As these are shorter than woods or drivers, they need to be organized in such a way that they don’t get damaged. Most 5 slot bags have a divider in the middle slot. Just distribute the irons in the slots as you want.

But make sure that you arrange the irons from left to right. Start with the longest irons from the left and shorter on the right-hand side.

Having the irons organized is the main cause of organizing your golf bag. So, if you want to have order and tidiness in your bag then organize the bags in order. Either left to right or right to left. But make sure you follow through for all the clubs.


Wedges are the shortest clubs in the set. So, they go inside the top slot of the bag. Arrange them from left to right as well.

If you followed through the left to right order for all the clubs, now you have your longest club at the bottom left corner and your shortest club at the top right corner of your bag. So, you have everything in order and can easily find anything midgame.

However, some 5 slot bags have a divider in the bottom portion as well. Also, some have three slots in the middle part of the bag. You should slip your putter in any of the slots. Just make sure that you put it on the right side of the slot.

Although I put my putters in the top slot of the golf bag with the wedges.


All golf bags have some pockets for accessories. 5 slot bags usually have a top pocket, one or two small pockets, and a large pocket.

Also, some bags have a separate loop for umbrellas. If the loop is with the clubs, then you shouldn’t use that loop for umbrellas. Because putting an umbrella in with the clubs will make the bag very tight.

So, if you have an umbrella, you can put the umbrella on one side of the bag. Most bags have a separate tightening loop on one side of the bag and a small hook at the bottom. You can safely attach your umbrella through these loops.

Also, there are other hooks on the top side of the bags to attach your cleaning brush, towel, rangefinder, etc. You should try to put the cleaning brush and towel together. On the other hand, attach your rangefinder to another hook.


As we already discussed, most bags have pockets for accessories. Put your golf balls, gloves, scorecards, ball markers, etc in the top pocket of your bag.

These are some of the most important accessories in golf. That’s why they should be easy to find and on top. Then, you can put the tees and some other accessories that you may have in one small pocket.

The tees and the balls should be kept in different pockets so that they won’t make your bag look full and fat!

You should have another small pocket for your valuable items. Like your wallet, watch, etc. This pocket is probably the smallest in your bag. Also, you can put some snacks in any of the pockets.

Now comes the big guy! The biggest pocket is there to serve you many purposes. You can put your clothing, waterproofs, or any other accessories that you have in the big pocket. However, please don’t put your drinking bottles in the big pocket of your bag.

If you put water or other liquid in the big pocket, it can move around and sometimes the bottles leak water. Imagine having all your clubs, clothing, jumpers, everything you have wet because of a stupid bottle!

So, put your bottles in the right place. Most bags have a separate space for drinks or bottles. Utilize that space. Golf Bags should give you the maximum space possible!

In the end, all we can say is this is our preference of organizing a 5 slot golf bag. As this is mostly a matter of preference with some exceptions, you can organize your bag anyhow you like. Just make sure you don’t damage your precious clubs.

Final Words

5 Slot Golf Bag

Golf bags have been an integral part of the game for a very long time. As golf is a gentlemen’s game, the game requires you to be tidy and chivalrous. So, having an organized and neat golf bag will not only help you but also earn you respect from your golfer peers.

That’s why organizing your 5 slot golf bag is very important. It will help you save time in your game, earn your respect, and of course, look stunning! So, now you know!

Remember to, “ Play it as it lies!”

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