How to Change Golf Grips Without Vise

How to Change Golf Grips Without Vise – Easy Tips for Beginners in 2022

How the performance is going to depend on the grip. Because if the golfer cannot hold the bat properly then how come he/she could have a better performance.

Golf grips provide no-slip performance in all conditions while keeping the mitts comfortable all around and all season. Because the grip is the only portion of a golf club that you touch during a swing, it is important to change the grip at the right time. You do not always have time to go to the professionals to change the grip. But you can do it by yourself by following a few steps.

Here we would try to give all the necessary guidelines to change the golf grips without vise which will help both beginners and professionals.

How to Change Golf Grips Without Vise

Golf Grips Without Vise

To begin with the process you need to gather all the necessary equipment. The material that you will be needed during the process are given below

  • A hook or a razor
  • Two rags
  • Tape, double-sided tape

Once you are done collecting the materials, you can proceed with the process.

Step 1: Remove the Old One

The old grip on your club must now be removed. If your grip is in poor condition, you may find that it is already beginning to peel off. If this is the case, it is better to begin to draw the grip away from the shaft by grabbing it more tightly. Removing the previous grip is normally not difficult, but it can be tough if it is melted onto the shaft or if it is a brand-new grip.

A brand new grip on the club will still have a lot of glue on it and will be difficult to remove. Begin by cutting a rip in the grip with the hook or razor blade at the bottom of the grip. Then grab this and begin removing the old grip from the club.

When you pull the grip far enough, it should easily pop off the top of the club. When the old grip has melted to the club, removing it can be tough, but you can scrape it off with a knife or a scraper. While using a knife, always try to push it away from you so that it doesn’t slip and injure you. If you use graphite shafts on your clubs, take care not to scrape the shaft with the knife when you remove the grip. You may also like some of the Voltage Reducer for Golf Cart from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Step 2: Remove the Previous Tape

After removing the old grip, there will be a lot of old tapes. And this needs to be cleaned. It is time to have a club that is grip less, and the following step is to prepare the shaft for the placement of a new grip. Some people apply new grip tape on top of existing grip tape.

This is a possibility, but keep in mind that the club’s grip thickness will grow. So this is not a great idea. Therefore if you only want the regular size grip or a thicker grip, remove the old tape.

It is occasionally feasible to remove the tape by peeling it off. If not, a straight razor utility knife will suffice. Cut off any residual tape first. It is best to leave a clean surface, and then remove adhesive residue with a variety of products such as nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, petroleum jelly, and so on. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Paint for Golf Clubs.

Step 3: Measure and add tape

Once the old tape has been removed from the club, you may begin inserting the fresh tape. Most golfers will apply one layer of double-sided tape to the shaft’s end. If you have bigger hands and require more layers of tape, you can add them. The length of the new grip tape must be as long as the new grip because this will prevent the thin end of the grip from falling off the shaft.

Remove the outer layer of the grip once it has been uniformly put across the shaft of the golf club. Before you can apply the grip solvent, the exterior layer of the tape must be revealed. You may also be interested in some of the Lithium Golf Cart Batteries from our list.

Step 4: Add grip solvent

Before you continue, make sure you have everything ready. A solvent, a towel, a fresh grip, and, preferably, a solvent tray is all required. The following section should be completed in a fluid motion with no stops.

Fill the grip with solvent by placing the finger in the little hole at the end of the grip. Pour the solvent onto the grip tape and make sure that all of it is saturated. If it isn’t, add more solvent. When the solvent has dried, line the grip aperture with the shaft end. Our guide to the Sounding Golf Driver is also useful products for you.

Step 5: Add the new grip

Take the grip that has been generously coated inside with grip solvent and begin to slip it on the grip. Hold the club head of your golf club between your feet and place the grip on while holding the club securely.

Keeping the club firmly between the feet will give you some stability and control over it while you work on it. So this is a quick and simple strategy to keep the club stable. When you complete this process, the solvent will stream out of the club.

Grip solvent can sometimes leak out of the top of the grip and end up all over the floor. This is why we have asked to keep some clothes beforehand. Do not worry if such a situation occurs, because this is very normal while installing the grip. Remove it gently using the cloth or towel. When the grip and the top of the club are both moist with solvent, the grip slides on a little easier. You would appreciate having some of the Srixon Golf Balls, so take a moment to check them out.

Step 6: Let it Dry

Once all setup, give some time to let it dry completely. Try to keep it under the sun. it is better to wait at least twelve hours before using the clubs to play around. If you start playing too soon, your grip may twist.

Final Words

Change Golf Grips

Learning how to change golf grip without vise is very essential. Many think this is a tough process to complete. But we can expect that by now you are clear about the procedure of changing a golf grip on your own. If you are a regular player, it is important to change the grip a few times each year. Hopefully, you can complete the job alone next time.