How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Cart Bag

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Cart Bag?

Golf bags are very important for playing the game. Although it may sound silly, if you tried to play golf without a bag then you understand what is going on here.

Golf bags are designed in such a way that they will let you carry whatever you need to play the game properly. Every golf bag has different pockets for different purposes and utilizing them is pretty important for the game to continue.

Anyway, having a golf bag is one thing. But, organizing the bag properly is a different situation. Average golfers don’t bother arranging the clubs properly. Although you might ask why should anyone care about arranging a golf bag?

Well, if you don’t mind damaging your expensive clubs, or wasting time every time you need to find the right club you may not want to arrange the clubs in a bag. However, if you do mind then read below to learn more about arranging golf clubs in a cart bag.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Cart Bag

Arrange Golf Clubs in a Cart Bag

Firstly, you need to understand the type of bag that you have. There are different designs of cart bags or carry bags available. Although all of them are carry bags, they have small differences that can change how you arrange the bag.

So, first, understand how many pockets you have on the bags. Few bags have only two portions for the clubs and some pockets, while some bags have 5 pockets for the clubs, pockets, umbrella holders, etc. That’s why you need to arrange your bag accordingly.


If you understand your bag properly, then you must prepare the bag first. Most people have some junk lying around the bag and that messes up the balance of the bag. You don’t want junks in your golf bag.

Golf bags are designed to give you maximum space. So, utilize that. Clean up the bag properly before you start to arrange your clubs in the carry bag.

Woods and Drivers

As woods and drivers are the longest clubs in the set, they need to be arranged first. Most people arrange their longest clubs on the back part of the bag. This is the pocket closest to the straps. Also, arrange the clubs from left to right.

If you keep your woods the other way, they might damage your irons or wedges when you carry the bag. Although some people arrange the clubs the other way around and for them, it works just fine.

However, most players would love not to have their wedges damaged and that’s why most people carry the woods on the back part of the bag, which is the right way to carry.


Secondly, you need to arrange your irons. Irons are the most important clubs in your set. Also, they are the most fragile too. So, you need to arrange your irons properly and keep them from being damaged.

Most bags have a divider in the middle pocket for irons. If your bag has a divider then fine, if it doesn’t you can still arrange it this way. Again, arrange the irons from left to right. This way you have a nice ascending order from right to left.

Having the irons in order is the main point of arranging your cart bag. This will help you save time and keep your irons in place. Also, if you have a divider in your bag’s pocket, keep four on the left side and others on the right side of the pocket.

This is just my preference and arranging my bag this way has helped me a lot over the years. You want to have the longest irons on the left and shorter ones as you move towards the right.


Wedges are the smallest clubs in the set and they should go at the top portion of the bag. Arrange the wedges too from left to right.

This way you have the longest club in the bottom left corner and the shortest club in the top right corner. Everything is in order and you can easily find the club you’re looking for midgame.

However, some bags have a separate space for putters. But most don’t. So, if your bag doesn’t have a separate space for the putter, you can put the putter in any row. Just remember to put it on the right side of the row.

Although I keep my putters on the top side of the bag, with the wedges.


All golf bags have some pockets for accessories. Some of them you want to use, and some of them you shouldn’t.

Most golf bags have an umbrella loop. If the loop is with the clubs and you need to put the umbrella along with the clubs, you should find an alternative. Keeping the umbrella with your clubs can damage the clubs.

So, put the umbrella on one side of the bag. Most bags have tightening loops at the side. Mostly they are used for umbrellas.

Also, there are other hooks to clip your rangefinders, towel, cleaning brush, etc. You might want to keep your towel and cleaning brush together. So, clip the towel and brush together and clip them together with a hook in your bag.

Most bags have empty hooks for these purposes anyway.


Most bags have an upper pocket and two large side pockets. I wouldn’t recommend using all the pockets as that can harm the balance of the bag and hurt your waist or shoulder.

So, put golf balls, gloves, scorecards, ball markers, etc on the top pocket of your bag. This way the bag can be balanced. Then, put the tees and some other small accessories that you might have on the left pockets.

You can put some snacks or other stuff in the pockets as well. In the end, if your bag has a drinks pocket keep your drinks in that pocket.

Try to avoid putting drinking bottles in the big pockets because the bottles sometimes can leak while carrying and that will mess up your whole bag.

Then comes the large pocket of your bag. You can put your clothing, valuables, waterproofs, etc. So, all the other accessories that you might have, go inside the large pocket of the bag.

This is the right way to arrange a cart bag. However, there are matters of preferences and you can switch up here and there as long as the changes don’t hurt you or your clubs.

Final Words

Golf Clubs in a Cart Bag

Golf cart bags have been an essential part of the game for a long time. As golf is a gentlemen’s game, you need to be chivalrous and tidy as a part of the game too.

Not only having a tidy bag helps your game, but it will also help you earn respect among your golfer peers and you will be more confident in your game than ever before. So, this is how you should arrange golf clubs in a cart bag.

Now go out and hit some balls!

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