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Best Playground Balls – Our Top 5 Selection from 99+ Models

Want to make your kids’ childhood memorable? Then buying the best playground balls for them is a great idea, a perfect ball can increase the interest and motivate the kids to play more. For being physically active this is very important.

A playground ball is usually an inflatable colored rubber ball that has a diameter of 5, 6, or 8 inches and used by kids in general games and for learning ball-handling and other skills.

So we are here to help you find the right playground ball set. We reluctantly put forty efforts to come up with the right one. So stay with us and go through the whole article.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

AppleRound Pack of 4 Sports Balls with 1 Pump
AppleRound Pack of 4 Sports Balls with 1 PumpCheck Price

ToysOpoly Premium Playground Balls 8.5 inch
ToysOpoly Premium Playground Balls 8.5 inchCheck Price

Champion Playground Balls | Nylon-Wound Cover
Champion Playground Balls | Nylon-Wound CoverCheck Price

Fitness Factor Playground Balls | Highest Standard
Fitness Factor Playground Balls | Highest StandardCheck Price

Voit Playground Balls | Textured Grip
Voit Playground Balls | Textured GripCheck Price

Best Playground Balls Reviews

Our research team has spent a lot of time in the market to find high quality balls from the market. The following section sums up the week-long research.

1. AppleRound Pack of 4 Sports Balls with 1 Pump

If you get a set of four balls in a single pack, wouldn’t it be amazing? Don’t be surprised, because Apple Round has a pack that includes soccer ball, basketball, playground ball and football.

I was afraid to place an order at the beginning but I’m pleased I did. I ordered it for my kids, and it helped him to find out what game he likes. He is really fond of soccer balls! The pump was simple to insert and inflate.

The box comes with three needles, all of which are the same size. So if you lose one, there is nothing to be worried about.

This set is perfect for the age group of 3 to 5, because these balls are light in weight; each of these weighs 120 grams.

No one offers such a set with that price range. Compared to the market price is very reasonable and the quality of all of the whole set is very high.

Most Liking Features

Balls are very soft and easy to grab which provide deflation. The box is very colorful that makes the box the perfect gift for kids.

Probable Drawbacks

These are for light use and children under 3 to 5 only. So if you want to purchase it for a teenager or older that it will not be a good idea

Key Features

  • Light weight
  • 4 different balls
  • Made of durable PVC
  • Soft and easy to hold

2. ToysOpoly Premium Playground Balls 8.5 inch

Every parent wants to buy the balls for their kids which are totally safe and made of nontoxic material. ToysOpoly are totally safe for the kids as all the products are independently lab tested.

I am a game teacher so I purchased them for my after-school program. They did come with a little hand pump so inflating them was very easy.

The balls are very colorful, the students love to have them around to play with!

The texture of the balls is truly revolutionary, there will be no slip while gripping. And suitable for any weather. You can play easily in the rain as well. Each is 8.5-inches in diameter and weighs only 4 oz.

If we have to pick one thing that makes it unique, it will be the color. The rainbow shade is really eye catch and kids love them.

Most Liking Features

ToysOpoly Balls are BPA-Safe, Lead-Safe and Phthalates-Safe. So your kids will be safe and do not produce any toxicity to the environment.

Probable Drawbacks

The pack includes 6 balls of different colors but all of these are the same type of balls. There is variation.

Key Features

  • Only 4 oz
  • Toxic free
  • BPA-Safe and Lead-Safe
  • 5-inches in diameter

3. Champion Playground Balls | Nylon-Wound Cover

There is a common problem with kids that they lose the balls very frequently, so inventing a big amount in their playing equipment at the beginning is not a good idea for everyone. So they need Champion Balls that are reasonable in price yet high in quality.

At the beginning I mainly brought the ball for my kids but it became a great pastime and physical exercise equipment for me as well. The Champion Sports Heavy Duty Playground Ball is a traditional ball for classic sports like kickball and dodgeball.

But it’s also adaptable enough for any playground game. It is a great item for working out as well. The super cheap ball is great in quality. And the kids are going to be obsessed with it.

Champion Balls are very easy to go, they are flexible and soft. So you can move it the way you want. A nice option for the kids’ physical development indeed.

Most Liking Features

This ball has a nylon-wound cover that provides great durability and form retention, making it ideal for games in the gym, on the street, or on the field.

Probable Drawbacks

One pack includes one ball, unlike other companies it does not come in a set.

Key Features

  • Available in different color
  • Diameter 8.5 inches
  • Soft and bouncy
  • High quality material

4. Fitness Factor Playground Balls | Highest Standard

Without any doubt the fitness factor is one of the best playground balls because it is designed with the ideal non-slip surface which provides added grip and makes the ball more suitable for kids.

Red is a kid’s favorite color, for my kid it is not different. So after seeing some reviews I brought this beautiful red ball. And trust me, the balls are made of the best quality material and with highest standards.

It’s been two years since I purchased that ball, and it works amazingly. The color did not fade away, and it is built to last.

Because these are made from tear resistant rubber which lets you worry less and gives longer playtime

These bright balls are created with the best quality materials and the highest standards. Can beat any other balls of this range with its performance.

Most Liking Features

Each Fitness Factor ball has a non-slip surface for enhanced grip, making it the ultimate ball for youngsters. These balls are made to last, whether they are used for gym class, fitness routines, or kid’s play.

Probable Drawbacks

Texture is a bit scratchy so it could annihilate your hands if using it for outdoor sports like handball or basketball

Key Features

  • Bright red color
  • Tear resistant rubber
  • Non-slip surface
  • Made to last

5. Voit Playground Balls | Textured Grip

Want to have a great pastime with your family by engaging in some physical activities? Then what can be a better option than playing with Voit balls. Voit’s textured grip makes it suitable for players of all ages to throw and catch the ball.

At the beginning I brought the balls for my kids, they enjoyed playing with it because the weight and the size is just perfect.

After some time I noticed, my parents are also loving playing with their grandchildren using the playground ball.

This is a great way to keep physically active. Another advantage of the ball is that it lasts for a long time. The durability is really appreciable.

The texture is outstanding, that helps to hold the ball for a longer time. If the hand sweats a lot, then it is not going to be a big issue if you purchase Voit crocodile creek ball.

Most Liking Features

The pumping process is really impressive, including a pump that is durable and not too hard to use. And all of these make it more user friendly.

Probable Drawbacks

The ball is small in size compared to other balls which makes it perfect for the children but not suitable for elders.

Key Words

  • Suitable for kids
  • Durable and bouncy
  • User friendly
  • Good texture

Things to Consider Before Buying Playground Balls

Best Playground Balls

Picking the right balls for children is difficult because you have to consider the material, size, texture and other things. Children often chew the rubber ball. In that case you have to make sure there is no cheerful chemical in the playground ball, besides the pumping process and texture is also important to lot at before buying. Here we are giving some buying guides so that you can purchase the best playground balls for kids. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the srixon golf balls.


Rubber balls are often the most affordable sort of basketball available. These are also ideal for those of you who play on concrete or in the open air. The sole disadvantage of these balls is that they are prone to developing “egg-bumps” after extended use. But this will not provide any major effect on the performance. Besides, rubber balls are light in weight which makes them ideal for children. Checking the irons for fast swing speed will be helpful as well.


Most of the time you have to use a playground ball after inserting air into it. And a needle to pump the air will be most useful in that case. But not all sets come up with a needle, the user has to buy a pumping machine separately, this is a hassle. Therefore before buying look carefully if it contains an air pump or not and ensure to have a pumping needle that is simple to insert and inflate.


By now you know that there are different types of balls in the market. Some of them come in a set that includes, for example a basketball, a soccer ball, football and other types of balls. Buying in a set costs less than buying individually. But if you do not need that many items then just go for the single one.

Colors & Texture

Color is important if you’re purchasing the rubber balls for children or planning to gift someone. Usually children like to play with items that are colorful. Besides having only solid color there are different shades available, like rainbow shade, sky shade etc.

Beside color, another essential item to look at is the texture. The texture has to be good, there should be no slip while gripping. A good texture helps the player to hold the ball and play with it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How to pump air into the ball?

Pumping air is not going to be a hard job if the pack includes a pumping machine. Fit the pump or needle inside the small air hole of the ball and inflate the air. But if you have no needle, then using a small straw can be the solution.

2. How much does the ball weigh?

Usually, balls are not that light while it is not “heavy,” the energy behind a bounce would almost likely be enough to knock something over. So they weigh between 100 – 150 grams.

3. What is the dimension?

The best playground ball for kids normally has a dimension of 8 – 10 inches. But there are different sizes available depending on the brands.

4. Are those suitable for 5 year old kids?

Yes, it is just perfect for that age because the balls will help the kids to be physically active and motivate them to go outside to play.

5. Are there any toxic chemicals?

Toxicity of the material depends on the brand. Not all the brands use totally safe and environmentally friendly products. But you can check our second product which is made of natural plastic.

Final Words

A playground ball is usually any type of ball like tennis ball, soccer ball, football, etc. that can be played on ground. If you have gone through the whole article then by now you must know just the shape does not make the ball perfect, there are some technical issues as well like dimension, size, and other things. That’s why for providing the kids a great way to learn different ball handling skills, it is essential to purchase the best playground balls.

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