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Top 5 Best MOTIV Bowling Ball – A List from The Expert

Love bowling? Then, you most certainly will love MOTIV bowling balls. Well, now you may ask how we can be so sure. But, who wouldn’t love a brand that has brought a positive change in an industry that almost got stuck in the nick of time.

First of all, MOTIV is a USA-based company. They have brought an impact on them since they started back in 2007. MOTIV started applying their NeoMark technology to the balls. This enabled the balls to have multi-colored graphics and also have improved performance.

So, MOTIV has revolutionized the bowling ball industry. Now what? There are many models of MOTIV balls. How can a player know which one should be perfect for their playing style?

That’s why we spent hours researching for the best MOTIV bowling balls and shortened the list with only the top five. Keep reading to find out more about them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball
Motiv Venom Shock Bowling BallCheck Price

Motiv Fatal Venom 15lb, Green/Grey
Motiv Fatal Venom 15lb, Green/GreyCheck Price

MOTIV Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball
MOTIV Jackal Ghost Bowling BallCheck Price

Motiv Jackal Flash Bowling Ball 15lbs
Motiv Jackal Flash Bowling Ball 15lbsCheck Price

Best MOTIV Bowling Ball Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your playing style. So, choose a ball according to your playing strategy.

1. Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Do you want an affordable bowling ball that has top-of-the-game performance? Well, say no more. Venom Shock is the perfect choice for you. MOTIV equipped Venom Shock with loads of features but managed to keep them affordable.

However, the most important thing you need to know is that Venom Shock balls pair the Gear weight block for the core and Turmoil MFS cover stock. With this unique core and cover combination, Venom Shocks provide smooth but angular backend motion.

Also, because of this unique core and MOTIV’s years of experience in core manufacturing, Venom Shock along with most other MOTIV balls, have devastating strikes. That’s what made MOTIV come this far from where they started.

Although, when compared to other MOTIV balls, Venom Shock logos glow in the dark, and the orange logo on purple shells looks beautiful.

Most Likeable Features

Probably the most liked feature about Venom Shock is their unique trajectory. The weight distribution engineering enables these balls to have smooth motion but strike with much force. That may come in handy for many players.

Probable Drawbacks

Only one buyer complained that they received a defective, cracked ball and MOTIV didn’t take any initiative to compensate for that.

Key Features

  • Turmoil MFS Cover stock from Covert Revolt
  • Vibrant colors look awesome on the lanes
  • Glow in the dark logo on the balls
  • Affordable pricing but great performance

2. Motiv Fatal Venom 15lb, Green/Grey

If you’re looking for a steady ball that stores much of the energy until the last moment, then Fatal Venom is most suited for you. According to the MOTIV ball guide, Fatal venoms have clean and moderately angular motion, ideal for drier lanes.

However, like the Venom Shock MOTIV balls, these too have a gear core. But, they have the latest infusion pearl reactive cover stock.

With this unique combination, Fatal Venom balls provide length and stability with angularity.

Also, these balls can be used by all types of bowlers. So, Fatal Venom balls are multi-purpose, handy bowling balls that can provide speed, revolutions, and a balance between them when you need them to.

Although, when compared to other dry lane balls, Fatal Venom balls have much more to offer in terms of performance and design. Also, it looks dangerously beautiful!

Most Likeable Features

Fatal Venom is one of the best performing MOTIV balls. The infusion pearl reactive cover stock works perfectly with dry lanes and gives constant stability. This will come in handy when in the repertoire of any bowler.

Probable Drawbacks

There are literally no bad reviews about this ball! But, it’s a little bit pricier than regular balls but that’s normal for MOTIV.

Key Features

  • Clean and moderately angular motion
  • Latest Infusion pearl reactive cover stock
  • Outstanding lane performance with Gear core
  • Stable motion with massive energy retention

3. MOTIV Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball

Who didn’t love the Jackal? Well, after the Jackal banning incident, MOTIV gained the trust back by allowing buyers to exchange the banned Jackal balls. However, they have started remaking the Jackals with the necessary changes made.

The new Jackal Ghost balls are simply put, awesome. These are being considered the best ball for heavy oiled lanes. Also, with low RG and their asymmetric design, these balls are easy to rev and can produce massive track flare.

Also, Jackal Ghost balls feature the predator V2 weight block core and Coercion HFS cover stock. With this unique combination, these balls can ferociously endanger any other player in the game!

However, when comparing with other MOTIV balls, these have asymmetric designs and are easier to rev on heavy oiled lanes. Checking the playground balls will be helpful as well.

Most Likeable Features

Jackal Ghost MOTIV balls are perfect for bowlers who want more hooks without sacrificing continuation on heavy oiled lanes. These are also ideal for bowlers who have a low rev rate or bowlers with very high ball speeds.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have complained that these balls are not lasting long enough and get cracked after heavy use.

Key Features

  • Helps with improving bowling performance
  • Puts a strong hook at the end
  • Perfect for players with high ball speed
  • HFS cover stock for high rev

4. Motiv Jackal Flash Bowling Ball 15lbs

When MOTIV themselves are saying that Jackal Flash balls are the strongest asymmetric pearls they have ever developed, what else can we say? These balls are beasts. While they are mainly designed as transition balls to heavy oil, these are perfect for rev dominant bowlers.

However, the most important factor to consider before buying any ball is its performance. Jackal Flash balls are the best MOTIV bowling balls if you want a clean response on the front lane and a fast response on the backend of the lane.

Also, with asymmetric predator V2 cores and infusion HV pearl reactive cover stocks, Jackal Flash balls can provide you with the length and powerful angle necessary when transitioning to heavy oil.

Considering and comparing with other transitioning balls on the market, Jackal Flashes have higher rev and can be perfect for rev dominant bowlers. But, these can also be used by speed dominant bowlers in moderate conditions. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the juggling balls.

Most Likeable Features

Jackal Flash balls have a very appealing graphical design and look awesome on the lane. Also, with high rev, these balls can have a significant flare on oiled lanes. Although these are perfect for high rev players, speed dominant players can also use them.

Probable Drawbacks

These balls are made as transitioning balls to heavy oil. That’s the area they shine on. So, these can be harder to play for speed dominant players.

Key Features

  • Predator V2 asymmetric cores
  • 5000 grit LSP finish for continuation
  • Super LOW RG and high differential
  • High rev and powerful performance

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Best MOTIV Bowling Ball

1. Who makes MOTIV bowling balls?

MOTIV balls are manufactured by Wilbur Products Inc. in Muskegon Heights. Wilbur Products have been producing bowling balls since the ’90s and started their brand in 2007.

So, they have years of experience in this market and provides the best quality.

2. How long do you soak a bowling ball?

Usually, it’s good enough to soak the ball in 140 degrees Fahrenheit, warm tap water for 20 minutes. Adding few drops of dish soap to the water can be helpful. Learn more about taking care of bowling balls.

3. What does pearl mean in bowling balls?

Pearl reactive cover stock has added mica material into the reactive cover stock material. This added mica material ensures that microscopic pores on the ball roughens and gives better length performance.

Read about different types of bowling balls.

4. Does Storm own MOTIV?

Storm Products Inc. is an American corporation that produces bowling balls and accessories. However, Storm produces Storm bowling balls and MOTIV produces bowling balls. Storm doesn’t own MOTIV.

5. What type of bowling ball is best for dry lanes?

Dry lanes require some specific characteristics in a ball. These balls usually need to have symmetrical cores and stiffer and less porous cover stock. So, the best MOTIV bowling ball dry lanes usually are of this type.

Final Words

Bowling is one of the most popular indoor sports. Thousands of amateurs and professionals play this game around the world. But, not all of them can play well.

Because playing better than average requires specific tools and a specific set of skills from the player. So, having the Best MOTIV bowling balls will surely help on your bowling journey. Although, as you read this far, we sure hope we helped you.

Do you want perfection? Go to a bowling alley!