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Top 5 Best Mizuno Blades – A List from The Expert

If you are looking only to buy from Mizuno, we would have to say you have great taste. Mizuno is a legendary brand that has been making top quality golf irons for a long time. Their irons went on to win tours and won tournaments.

That’s why Mizuno is still such a renowned brand and they still ensure high quality in a considerably lower price range than competitor brands. So, naturally, Mizuno is loved all over.

However, no matter how much you love mizuno mp 20 blades, finding the best Mizuno blades among their so many designs and finding the perfect one for you is pretty tough. It takes up too much time and hard work.

That’s why our researchers spent hours searching for the best Mizuno irons and made a list with only the top five. Keep reading to find out more about them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Mizuno Golf JPX921 Wedge Series
Mizuno Golf JPX921 Wedge SeriesCheck Price

Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set
Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Iron SetCheck Price

Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Golf Iron Set
Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Golf Iron SetCheck Price

Mizuno Golf Men's JPX-900 Hot Metal Iron Set
Mizuno Golf Men's JPX-900 Hot Metal Iron SetCheck Price

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series
Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set SeriesCheck Price

Best Mizuno Blades Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose a Mizuno iron according to your necessity.

1. Mizuno Golf JPX921 Wedge Series

The JPX921 wedge series from Mizuno has a lot of new features and Mizuno didn’t hold back to show them off. The irons have improved face milling that increases surface roughness so that spin increases nearer green.

Also, the looks of the irons are amazing. These wedges have chrome plating with a durable pearl finish. So, the blades look astonishing under the sun and your game will improve a lot in style!

However, the most important thing to look for in golf irons is their material and feel. We can assure you that Mizuno did everything perfectly with these blades. These are made of X30 soft stainless steel and that specific material comes with some merits.

Using X30 stainless steel makes the irons soft but durable. Also, the irons have a pretty amazing feel to them because of their centre of gravity, lower weight and perfect craftsmanship from Mizuno. So, buying a wedge from this series would be a good choice.

Most Likeable Features

If you are looking only for a wedge, you won’t have to look anymore. Mizuno JPX921 wedges are very well-balanced, forgiving, and just easier to play than most other wedges. Also, the wedges work great around the green and are perfect for most players.

Probable Drawback

Some users have faced problems with shipping and received the wrong products.

Key Features

  • Gap, Lob, and Sand Wedge available
  • Groves grip the ball well for a soft landing
  • Great weight balance in the head
  • Very easy to hit and very forgiving gameplay

2. Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set

The JPX921 hot metal iron is the longest in the JPX series. These irons use Chromoly 4140M and use the material’s high strength to weight ratio to allow for a high strength face. Also, Chromoly 4140M is very malleable. So, that helps in building a bendable hosel for fitting.

But first, let us make sure we’re on the same page here. Don’t you care about the feel and sound of the impact of your iron? If you do, then Hot metal iron sets are a go for you. These irons have a harmonic impact technology for delivering an ideal impact feel.

However, now let’s get to the more important things. A golf iron needs to be very stable and forgiving to be good enough for everybody. That’s why Mizuno ensured a stability frame that is open at the heel portion to enhance stability and launch.

In the end, a brand old enough like Mizuno would be foolish to not understand that the old ages of golf are changing and modern tech has taken over everything. No wonder why Mizuno has implemented as much modern engineering as possible in their irons too.

Most Likeable Features

The JPX921 hot metal irons are assisted by a seamless cup face. The thinned areas revolve around the perimeter to increase the rebound area for maximum ball speed across the entire face. This helps the irons reach top ball speed even in higher handicap players.

Probable Drawbacks

The hot metal irons are cast models. So, if you are looking for forged irons, these won’t be for you.

Key Features

  • Mizuno’s fastest ever ball speed with good control
  • Variable thickness sole design for face flex and speed
  • Longest irons in the JPX921 series
  • Fine-tuned head geometry for ideal impact feedback
  • Optimized face thickness distribution

3. Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Golf Iron Set

If you are looking for high-quality Mizuno golf clubs but the latest models are far too costly for you, here is the perfect solution. Mizuno JPX919 is such a club that is timeless and can fit any player seamlessly!

That’s why even though it’s been some years since these models were released if you buy a JPX919 hot metal iron set, you won’t have to worry about the quality and still save some money afterwards.

However, there are some things for you to consider before you can go buy one. Firstly, the feel and the look. JPX919 clubs feel quite similar to JPX921 Hot metal irons. Although JPX919 is a bit shorter than 921.

Also, these come with almost all the features of the JPX921. Including, a stability frame, seamless construction, harmonic impact technology, and last but not the least pearl brush finish on the chrome plating to give it an awesome look packed with performance!

Most Likeable Features

JPX919 clubs, when released were a benchmark in iron design. The hot metal irons are well known for their explosive launch speeds and controllable soft landings. The combination of high strength Chromoly 4140M material and seamless cup face produces the highest ball speeds.

Probable Drawbacks

As JPX919 clubs are a fairly older model from Mizuno, you might not receive as much customer service as you otherwise would have.

Key Features

  • Re-engineered sound ribs for perfect impact sound
  • The stability frame allows an enhanced launch position
  • Pearl brush finish increasing durability
  • High strength Chromoly 4140M head material
  • Steep landing angles for controllable shots

4. Mizuno Golf Men’s JPX-900 Hot Metal Iron Set

If you have been familiar with golf for some time, you have probably heard that “ Nothing feels like a Mizuno!” So, to label one the best might be an overstatement! However, we are willing to risk that with these!

The JPX-900 hot iron set for men is hands down among the best Mizuno blades for high handicap players. These irons help players improve performance with their increased forgiveness and easy flights.

However, there are much more to these blades than meets the eyes. JPX-900 irons use Chromoly 4140M metal as their head material. This is a steel alloy containing Chromium and Molybdenum. This makes the head stronger but still soft enough!

Also, Mizuno made these clubs have softer wedges with milled grooves. This design ensures that the ball has explosive distance when hit but is very easy to fly and much more forgiving than most other irons in the same performance region.

Most Likeable Features

The Chromoly 4140M material enables these irons to have a large cavity back. The one-piece cup face goes around the chassis of the head and is the thinnest face Mizuno has ever created. So, these irons have a much higher speed than previous versions.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users complained that the tip of the shaft broke while adjusting the lie of the clubs. So, this might be a design flaw you need to keep in mind.

Key Features

  • 360-degree one-piece cup face
  • Explosive ball speeds and easy high flights
  • Scientifically crafted for speed and performance
  • Powerframe design for added stability and forgiveness
  • Best Game improvement iron at the price

5. Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series

When Mizuno came out with their MP-20 series, they had already revolutionized the golf iron technology. With their multi-material concept and different series models, the MP-20 just ensures that Mizuno provided performance and quality.

The MP-20 series has four versions- the MP-20 MB irons, the MP-20 MMC irons, the MP-20 HMB irons, and the MP-20 Sel irons. Each version has its advantages and disadvantages. So, you need to understand a bit about each of them.

Firstly, The MP-20 MB irons are great looking with amazing feel and precision. However, these are more suitable for low handicap ball strikers and not very forgiving. Secondly, the MP-20 MMC irons are a good blend of forgiveness and feeling.

These irons cover a wide range of players with their improved forgiveness. On the other hand, The MP-20 HMB (hybrid muscle back) irons are a combination of power and control with great looks that will increase your confidence on the green a lot more.

Most Likeable Features

The MP-20 series ensures top quality. Although different versions are more suitable for different players.

With their grain flow forged Chromoly head material, copper underlay, harmonic impact technology, and dual tungsten weighting these are some of the finest mizuno mp 20 blades.

Probable Drawbacks

As there are so many options in the series, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and pick the wrong one. So, take a deep breath first!

Key Features

  • Fine-tuned head geometry for ideal impact sound
  • Strategical weighting for enhanced performance
  • Chromoly material for strength and softness
  • Great looking irons with an amazing feel
  • A lot of options to choose and fit from

Things to Consider Before Buying Mizuno Blades

Best Mizuno Blades

Mizuno is a legendary brand for golfers. They have been on top of the golf iron market for a long time and judging by their performance, they will be on top for even longer!

That’s why mizuno forged blades are the weapon of choice for most golfers. These blades are a class apart with their unique approach to performance, scientific research, and of course, the perfect Mizuno feel.

However, for a new player, it can get very overwhelming with so many options. As Mizuno makes different series for different types of players, if you buy the wrong type, there is a big chance that you will resent the irons!

So, before you even consider buying a Mizuno blade, you need to understand some things about the irons and your gameplay. Through this process, you will be able to point out the exact type of iron that you need.

Follow this guideline to get a proper idea.


The aesthetic of your club plays a huge role in your gameplay. But most golfers don’t seem to accept this fact. The looks of a good club are proven to improve mental confidence and skills in golfers.

Mental confidence is proven scientifically to improve gold performance. ( Read about using mental skills to improve golf performance in a scientific journal article on the topic.)

So, the look of your iron is very important and Mizuno understands this. That’s why their clubs are very aesthetically balanced and pleasing. However, you need to choose for yourself.


For most high-handicap players, distance is a big issue. However, mizuno forged blades profit from their modern scientific craftsmanship to provide explosive distance and long flights.

Although different irons are used for different purposes and you need to find the most suitable one for your gameplay by trying different choices.


Even low handicap players sometimes rely on the forgiveness of the clubs. For long, high altitude strikes a forgiving and smooth club is much better than relying on the sheer skill of the golfer.

That’s why Mizuno hot metal irons focus much more on forgiveness. On the other hand, Mizuno hot metal pro irons are much less forgiving and they depend more on the skill of the golfer.

So, you need to choose depending on your skill and handicap.

Ball Flight

Players who struggle to keep the ball low might find the most forgiving irons to be quite a bit high flying. On the other hand, players who struggle to fight the ball would love the most forgiving irons.

That’s why ball flight is such an important thing to consider before buying a Mizuno blade.  As you need to find the perfect forgiveness from your irons. So, if you are struggling to get your irons shot up in the air, try a model with a wide sole.

On the other hand, if you want to keep the balls close to the ground you should try a model with a narrower sole.

If you keep these things in mind before buying a Mizuno blade, you can find out the perfect iron for your gameplay.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Do any pros play Mizuno?

Mizuno blades are supported and trusted by a lot of pro players and they have won many tours and tournaments using mizuno mp 20 blades. Mizuno has been a legendary brand in this market and they are well-respect among the pro players.

2. Does Tiger Woods use Mizuno Irons?

Tiger Woods won more than one of his U.S amateur titles with Mizuno irons.

3. Why are Mizuno irons so good?

Mizuno irons work great and are very appreciated because these are forged similarly to a super-expensive set of irons. Mizuno uses modern technology and scientific craftsmanship to ensure perfect material use and enhanced performances.

4. Are mizuno mp 20 blades good?

Mizuno blades are among the best in the price range. The best Mizuno forged blades provide a feel and performance unlike any other. That’s why they have been such a good value for most players.

5. Are Mizuno irons hard to hit?

Mizuno irons come in different skill levels. For example, the hot metal irons are more suitable for high handicap players, the MMC irons are for mid-handicap players, and the JPX range is a good balance between the two.

So, if you find your Mizuno irons hard to hit consider buying a more forgiving set of irons.

Final Words

Mizuno has a set for every type of player. Their top-quality and performing blades are the main reason their brand is so successful. However, finding the best Mizuno blades is a task that requires a lot of passion.

Although as you read this far in this article, we sure hope to have helped you through this journey. If you follow the guidelines properly, you will find the perfect iron for your gameplay.

In the end, always remember to, “Smile at obstacles!” like Tiger Woods!

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