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Top 5 Best Loft for Driver – The Smarter Choice for You

Every player wants to increase the distance of the ball, it drives the players crazy when they see their ball is driven away. And that leads everyone to search for the best loft for driver.

Loft for the driver is generally one of the golf equipment which is used to hit the ball. How far the ball is going to be depends on the design and shape of the driver. The greater the loft of the driver, the slower the swing or club speed, to optimize both carry and roll.

For a golf player it is important to do a good performance even for his own satisfaction or to impress other players. So here we present the top loft for drivers that has been selected by our research team after months of research.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids
Pinemeadow Excel EGI HybridsCheck Price

Women’s Majek Golf All Ladies Hybrid
Women’s Majek Golf All Ladies HybridCheck Price

T7 Super MOI Titanium Component Golf Driver Head Loft
T7 Super MOI Titanium Component Golf Driver Head LoftCheck Price

Geek Golf World Long Drive Golf Driver Component Head - Loft
Geek Golf World Long Drive Golf Driver Component Head - LoftCheck Price

NO BRAINER Low Loft! Geek Golf Orange
NO BRAINER Low Loft! Geek Golf OrangeCheck Price

Best Loft for Driver Reviews

The following section brings the top five loft for drivers of the current market, so stick with us and patiently go through the whole article to have the right loft for you.

1. Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

Everyone has their own opinion in the selection of the driver for distance. But there are some criteria for beginners and professionals.

For beginners a high loft attack angle like Pinemeadow is offering is more suitable.

My child has started to play golf recently and he started with Pinemeadow. I have to say that there is a nice balance of weight, the sweet spot is widened which helps to increase the performance with less effort.

Moreover, this version of loft will assist you in raising the average driver distance while focusing on refining the technique and increasing club head speed. The club also includes a head cover that helps to protect the clubs during play.

For the beginners this loft provides the maximum facilities. They are very forgiving and can add distance.

Most Liking Features

The sweet spot is bigger and that provides a nice balance of weight while playing. Results in increase in performance, and distance.

Probable Drawbacks

For higher handicap golfers it may not be the suitable one because in that case the sweet spot is likely to be the cleanest place on the club’s face.

Key Features

  • Large sweet spot
  • Includes head cover
  • 22 degree loft
  • Weight 0.46 Kilograms

2. Women’s Majek Golf All Ladies Hybrid

We know the trouble that a woman has to face while searching for the best loft for women’s drivers.

That is why we present the Women’s Majek Loft in our second product which has a standard length for women.

We brought this for our company female employee. Even on miss hits, it has more control than an iron. If you prefer fairway woods to irons, this is a fantastic option for you.

The hybrid shaft, combined with the stainless steel clubhead, provides the best hybrid combination. Ans results in a more comfortable swing and flexible shot. It also includes free head cover to protect the loft.

As we mentioned before there are very few company that produce the high quality loft driver for women, and Women’s Majek Loft is most promising and forgiving among them

Most Liking Features

Black Graphite is used to make the loft, so the quality is undoubtedly high. Last for a long time and provide an amazing performance.

Probable Drawbacks

Women with long height do not find it comfortable to play with. So women with short or average height can play with it.

Key Features

  • Made for women
  • Black Graphite
  • Standard length
  • High quality loft driver

3. T7 Super MOI Titanium Component Golf Driver Head Loft

Nowadays hybrid loft is becoming popular among youngsters, they are changing their traditional irons with the hybrid one. T7 Super is a hybrid loft that helps to join the movement and shows an improvement in your game

There is not only one result for what I like this Loft so much. I can see a drastic change in my game, and I hope this improvement continues. I was anxious since it took a while to get used to a hybrid, but it became my favorite one.

As the speed increases, the loft of the driver will drop in proportion. This will assist you in maximizing ball distance by applying as much loft as necessary. This is an amazing alternative to the iron one.

Those who are not comfortable changing their iron loft, T7 Super Loft is for them. These are so comfortable and easy to use that anyone will choose this.

Most Liking Features

These have an excellent weight balance across the club head, which increases and spreads the sweet spot. And playing with the loft is very easy and comfortable

Probable Drawbacks

Does not include any head back, so you need to keep the loft carefully to protect it.

Key Features

  • Lighter in weight
  • Borden sweet spot
  • Reasonable price
  • Fun to play with

4. Geek Golf World Long Drive Golf Driver Component Head – Loft

Usually tall people over 6 feet have trouble finding the right size. So Geek Golf has introduced the best Loft for Driver which is suitable for even taller players and provides an accurate shot.

If you want an extra distance as a user of Geek Golf Loft, I would definitely recommend it to you.

This has exactly the distance and the look that I prefer. Another thing I like about the loft is that it does not require any warm up.

This is the updated design of its previous model, The ‘waves’ on the crown compel the upper portion of the face to flex, which results in a higher trajectory and faster transmission of energy to the ball over the face of the club.

This is the latest model in the market, no other competitors can reach the level of design Geek Golf is providing. And that makes it one of the top five bands. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the sounding golf driver.

Most Liking Features

The loft does not increase the weight of the driver. Very good quality material has been used that helps it to provide longevity as well as keeps the weight below average.

Probable Drawbacks

The price is higher than other lofts but the performance is also top notch. So if you compare the price with the performance, the price will seem reasonable.

Key Features

  • Latest design
  • Light weight
  • Increase distance
  • Durable and reliable

5. NO BRAINER Low Loft! Geek Golf Orange

Want to play with the brand that world champions have used? Of course, you do, so wait no more and purchase the lost driver from No Brainers. It’s been a decade but no one can compete with the performance that No brainer provides.

I used this loft several times and my performance changed incredibly. The unique weighted design of the club’s sole is enhanced by the body’s aerodynamics. And that helps to hit at full speed and take the ball far away.

The loft is very flexible and forgiving. Provide an amazing distance to the ball. Will surely help you to stand out in the field. So if you want to improve your performance in a short time, this loft is the right option.

The head is – 5°, 5.5°, 6°, 6.5° or 7.5° degrees, which is not common in loft of other brands. Indeed a great option for flexible playing. You may also like some of the louisville slugger bat from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Most Liking Features

No Brainer has a great weight balance across the club head, which improves and spreads the sweet spot. You can utilize these clubs from a variety of lies, both good and terrible.

Probable Drawbacks

As the loft is low so it is going to swing fast which is not suitable for armature players. But for professional players this is a great option.

Key Features

  • Multiple degree
  • Low loft
  • Longer performance
  • Easy to play

Things to Consider Before Buying Loft for Driver

Best Loft for Driver

You have gathered a lot of knowledge about the best loft for women’s driver and in general all types of loft. If you are not yet clear about exactly what driver matches your qualities, then the following section will help you to see the right path in case of choosing the right one.

The following section discusses some qualities that one should consider before purchasing a loft for a driver.


The degree by which the club’s face slopes back is referred to as loft. The loft should correspond to your swing speed. In most of the cases the standard loft is between 8.5° and 15°.

Always remember the higher loft you have, the slower your swing speed will be. If your typical swing speed is between 80 and 90 mph, you should use a driver with 10.5° to 12° of loft. This, along with new two-piece balls that spin at a lower rate, means your spin rate and launch angle will be enhanced.


Length is the height of the driver. The length is different for men and women. Like children playing with short drivers and men usually need the longer one. But there is no specified length for a driver. Every company provides a variety of versions with varied lengths. Most of the time the length is between 43.5 inches to 47 inches.

Most of the cases the longer the shaft, the faster the head will move. So how you want your performance would be reflected in the length of the driver. Therefore be careful while selecting the length.


The traditional lofts are of iron  but no people are replacing the iron one with hybrid lofts. Those are more easy to play and enhance the overall performance, providing an amazing balance of weight and performance.

Loft for the driver might be composed of stainless steel, an alloy, or forged titanium. A good quality alloy driver may be acquired at a reasonable price for someone who only visits the course or driving range on occasion. A titanium driver is normally light in weight, durable and provides great strength.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the degree of most of the driver loft?

The average driver loft is 10.5 degrees, with a maximum loft of 12 degrees. It is better to avoid utilizing less loft at first, such as a 9.5 degree, unless you have very quick club head speed for an amateur.

2. What amount do I have to spend for a good-quality loft?

It totally depends on your budget. The most costly club might not be the best fit for you. Few golfers can stock their bags exclusively with high-end clubs. So you have to measure your performance and buy according to it.

3. Is it suitable for a 10-year-old kid?

The loft that is presented above most of them are for adult and young players. But you can buy a shorter length for your kid.

4. Which one is better: hybrid or iron?

Of course, hybrid lofts for drivers are better than iron one. These give better performance, light in weight, do not cost much, and give a distant shot.

5. Is an 11-degree loft driver okay for me?

An 11-degree driver loft is suitable for maximum nonprofessional golfers and this is not too much. Some players play with a 12-degree driver loft as well. As a beginner you require a slower swing spin, for that higher degree is preferable.

Final Words

The first rule to mastering golf is to have the best loft for driver. How the bat is going to hit the ball, the balancing between the handle and head, and how it is going to spin depends on the driver’s loft. So before making any purchasing decision give some time to select the right driver for you.

Good Luck!