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Top 5 Best Juggling Balls in 2022 – The Smarter Choice for You

Are you a professional juggler? Or maybe you want some balls to create a playful learning environment for your children? Or maybe you just want colorful balls as showpieces? Well, the best juggling balls can solve all these problems for you.

It may not seem like it to beginners, but there are many types of juggling balls. The most popular juggling balls are beanbags called “beach” balls. These usually have an outer shell of vinyl and are filled with millets.

However, there are other types of juggling balls made for specific purposes. Like, stage balls, DX balls, jumping balls, etc. So, if you plan on buying juggling balls without knowing what it’s for, you may not like the experience.

That’s why our experts spent hours searching for high-quality juggling balls and made a list of only the top five. Keep reading to find out more about them.

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Duncan Juggling Balls with 4 Panel Design
Duncan Juggling Balls with 4 Panel DesignCheck Price

speevers Juggling Balls for Beginners and Professionals
speevers Juggling Balls for Beginners and ProfessionalsCheck Price

Kickfire Hydras Juggling Balls | 6 Panel Leather Balls
Kickfire Hydras Juggling Balls | 6 Panel Leather BallsCheck Price

GloFX Juggling Balls | 2-layer construction
GloFX Juggling Balls | 2-layer constructionCheck Price

DSJUGGLING Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball 4
DSJUGGLING Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball 4Check Price

Best Juggling Balls Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose a juggling ball according to your necessity.

1. Duncan Juggling Balls with 4 Panel Design

You have heard of Duncan, haven’t you? “Duncan toys” is one of the biggest world’s manufacturers of toys and other game equipment. They started selling back in the great depression and still are the world’s #1 manufacturer.

So, Duncan juggling balls offer brand value and quality. However, juggling balls need to have specific characteristics to even be considered good. These balls have a vinyl-made outer shell. This ensures that they are bright-looking and easy to catch.

Also, Duncan’s balls are filled in with plastic beans. This eliminates bounce and makes them comfortable and easy to juggle. So, you can rest assured that you can juggle easily if you buy one of these.

However, when compared with other brands on the market, these are simple balls that can be juggled. Nothing crazy about them. So, they are incredibly cheaper than others too!

Most Likeable Features

Duncan juggling balls are simple. They are easy to hold and have proper weight for juggling. That’s why they are incredibly popular among amateur jugglers. These balls are made of durable material and can last you years!

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have complained that white powders and beans leaked out of their juggling balls after some time!

Key Features

  • Four-panel featuring smart design
  • Perfectly weighted for juggling
  • Brightly colored for stage performances
  • Easy to clean and take care

2. speevers Juggling Balls for Beginners and Professionals

Juggling is a great exercise for the body. Most experts have agreed on that and that’s why many people are using juggling balls for their weight loss or muscle-building workouts. But, you need weighted balls like Speevers juggling balls for this task.

Unless juggling balls are weighted, they won’t make significant differences for workouts. These balls come in a sturdy pouch. However, make sure that you buy the 650g option because that’s the one that comes in the pouch for workouts.

Although, if you plan on buying these for juggling only, these are well-made balls anyway. Speevers balls have their outer shell made of two layers of net and vinyl. Also, the sewing is very top quality. So, these will last a long time and are easily washable in washing machines.

In addition, contrary to other brands on the market, Speevers offers 5 different weights, sizes, and 10 different colors to choose from. So, choose the one you need.

Most Likeable Features

The world swuggling (swimming and juggling) record of 3.5 km was made using 70gm Xballs. So, you should believe that these are comfortable for juggling and strong enough to withstand that! Also, the weighted balls are excellent for exercises

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have complained that they received only 2 balls while the pack clearly says 3 ball pack. However, most of them received properly when complained.

Key Features

  • Tested under extreme conditions for durability
  • Washable and water-proof balls
  • Perfectly weighted for juggling or exercise
  • Very good build quality and material

3. Kickfire Hydras Juggling Balls | 6 Panel Leather Balls

Well, leather is always good, isn’t it? Especially, when it comes to durability, there’s no other material like leather. That’s why, instead of bean bags, Kickfire Classics Store made these 6-panel leather balls. These are soft but very durable.

Regular balls bounce when dropped. But, juggling balls need to eliminate bounce and stay in place when dropped. Also, they need to be soft and squishy for comfortable juggling. That’s exactly what Hydra balls offer!

Kickfire made these balls in premium conditions. So, that they are evenly balanced and long-lasting. That’s why, if you buy these, you are ought to have a pleasant juggling experience. Also, as these fit hands of any age, these are perfect gifts for kids too.

However, when compared to other juggling balls on the market, these won’t leak mallets or beans or sands. These are made of synthetic leather and are different than bean bags in many senses.

Most Likeable Features

These are professional juggling balls. Hydra balls from Kickfire are perfectly weighted and have the right density for juggling. Also, as these are soft and non-bouncy they are easier for amateurs to learn juggling with.

Probable Drawbacks

Although Kickfire says these are made of leather, they look like they are made of good quality synthetic leather. But, Kickfire doesn’t mention that anywhere.

Key Features

  • Doesn’t roll or bounce away when dropped
  • Soft texture and squishy feel
  • Beautiful colors add to the juggling performance
  • Very good choice for beginners

4. GloFX Juggling Balls | 2-layer construction

They say simplicity is key. Any professional juggler would advise amateurs to keep it simple. Because only through simplicity can one achieve greatness! That’s what makes GloFX balls one of the best juggling balls.

These balls have a very simple design. These are easy to grip, don’t bounce, and last long. What more do you want juggling balls to do? Although these look simple, they have very intricate technology behind them.

GloFX balls have 2 layers. The outer layer is made of soft, durable PU leather and the inner layer has micro-beads for weight, balance, and density.

These two layers together end up producing high-quality and easy-to-use GloFX juggling balls.

In the end, if you compare with other juggling balls on the market, these balls are simple and don’t have any tricks up their sleeves! But, they are the best at what they do offer.

Most Likeable Features

Learning to juggle is a tough process. But, a ball that’s weighted perfectly can help a lot. So, you can rest assured that GloFX balls will help you through your learning process. With their PU leather outer shell and evenly weighted design, they are amazing when juggled.

Probable Drawbacks

There are no instructions included with these balls. As they are only for juggling, some beginner juggling instructions would help!

Key Features

  • Well balanced with micro beads inside
  • High-quality PU leather ensures good grip
  • Excellent aftersales service by GloFX
  • Well stitched and very durable

5. DSJUGGLING Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball 4

Do you find contact juggling to be amazing? Looks amazing for sure! But, contact juggling needs a different type of ball. As contact juggling is very much different from juggling, the balls required are pretty different too.

DSJuggling balls offer exactly what’s recommended. These are approximately 4” in size and 23 oz in weight.

That’s pretty much the recommendation for contact juggling. Also, these balls are made of optical-grade acrylic.

As acrylic produces mesmerizing effects in contact juggling, acrylic balls are used almost all the time. So, if you buy from DSJuggling, there’s very little chance that you would be disappointed!

However, when compared with other contact juggling balls, these balls have a perfect size and weight for beginners to start learning tricks. So, if you are a beginner, this is for you.

Most Likeable Features

These balls are handmade and extremely polished. Optical grade acrylic material is free of internal curvatures and the whole ball is made from one-piece acrylic. So, these balls are easier to grab on and provide excellent visual effects.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have reported imperfections in the balls, which can be very problematic in contact juggling. Although, they got replacement balls easily.

Key Features

  • Comes with a handy, good-looking bag
  • Very clear and reflective
  • Great for isolations and body rolls
  • Perfect weight and size for contact juggling

Things to Consider Before Buying Juggling Ball

Best Juggling Balls

Juggling is a recreational art. Some do it for sport, some do it professionally and some just love the idea of juggling balls. That’s why jugglers have always been respected showmen and they always have a place in people’s hearts.

However, if you want to start juggling you need to have proper objects for juggling. Many people make the mistake of using tennis balls when they first start learning. That’s a huge mistake.

Why you may ask? Well, tennis balls don’t have the necessary weight and size for juggling and they are not even ideally balanced for juggling. So, tennis balls make juggling significantly harder for newbies. Because of these many people even lose interest!

That’s why buying proper juggling balls is very important. Even before you start juggling. As these balls are very cheap and they usually last long enough, you don’t need to waste a lot of money if you want to learn.

But, buying a good set of juggling balls will help you a lot. With their, well-balanced design and soft, durable outer layers, juggling balls are the smart way to go for wannabe jugglers.

That being said, there are so many counterfeit and fake juggling balls on the market, that may do more harm than good. So, finding good quality balls is necessary. That’s why, to your rescue, our experts listed some things for you.

If you consider the things mentioned below before you buy juggling balls, you will find the most suitable balls for you and fulfill your expectations. Additionally, you can check our review on playground balls.

Ball size

The most important thing is the size of the balls of course. Different people have different-sized hands. So, it’s very likely that some balls might be too big or too small for you.

To help you with this, there is a juggling ball sizing chart. But, first, you need to measure your hands. All you need to do is to measure the distance between the tip of your index finger and the bottom of your palm.

An average hand is 7.5 inches for males. So, the perfect ball size for a hand of this size is 65mm. You can juggle 3-5, 65mm balls easily. However, if your hand is a bit bigger, go for 70,75, or 80mm balls. You need to experiment and find the most comfortable one for you.

Read about choosing the perfect juggling ball size.

Type of juggling

There are many types of juggling and that’s why there are different types of juggling balls. Even the best contact juggling balls won’t be suitable for bounce juggling. So, you need to understand the type of juggling you want to do.

For numbers juggling (5+ balls), small beanbags are perfect and for bounce juggling, you need bounce juggling balls. However, for 3-5 balls, you can have well-balanced Russian dx balls or high-quality beanbags.

These will work perfectly. Besides, you can choose some srixon golf balls.


If you are not performing right now, you may not want flashy, LED-imprinted balls. Although those balls look very cool, they are distracting for practicing.

So, if you want balls for practicing at home, you need plain colored balls so that you don’t get distracted by them easily.

Ball Softness

Softer balls are perfect for juggling. These are squishy and allow to hold more balls at once. So, try buying balls that are overall softer than regular balls and have a soft outer layer.

If you consider these things before buying a juggling ball, you will find the most suitable one for you.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What are juggling balls called?

There are different types of balls like Russian balls, bounce balls, contact acrylic balls, etc. However, usually, small juggling balls are called beanbags.

2. Is juggling well for the brain?

Juggling helps brain development and helps children focus better. Juggling also improves hand-eye coordination and overall body physique because juggling is a physical skill.

Juggling improves confidence and athletic abilities too. Learn about the benefits of juggling.

3. Is it easier to juggle heavier balls?

Normal juggling-sized balls like tennis balls are harder to juggle. Because they don’t have the necessary weight and just bounce of the hand. That’s why having the proper weight for juggling balls is important.

Juggling balls should be comparatively heavier.

4. What does ball juggler mean?

A juggler is someone who can toss and catch several objects at once and perform different numbers. But, jugglers always keep an object in the air at any given moment. That’s what makes juggling so enjoyable.

So, someone who juggles balls is called a ball juggler.

5. Is contact juggling real?

Contact juggling is very real. It’s an art form of object manipulation that depends on the movement of objects in contact with the body. Contact juggling is very different than toss juggling because jugglers don’t throw objects in the air.

Final Words

Juggling is fun and helpful for people of all ages and races. Everyone can practice and improve their juggling skills and have fun doing it. Juggling also helps improve focus, mental abilities, and physical strength.

So, there are many reasons for you to start juggling. Find out the best juggling balls for you and start throwing them upwards today!