Irons for Fast Swing Speed

Top 5 Best Irons for Fast Swing Speed – The Smarter Choice for You

Having a fast swing speed can make a huge difference in golf. Research shows that a fast swing speed helps you hit the ball farther and also helps you score. But, this will only help you if you have the perfect iron for your swing speed.

A fast swinger needs to consider a few things before buying an iron. Because, a stroke depends on the shaft material, shaft flex and even the clubhead type. So, choosing the best irons for fast swing speed is necessary.

But, to know which irons are perfect for your play, you need to have a specific set of knowledge. Not all of us have this intimate knowledge about golf clubs. So, what you need is a buying guide for your specific swing speed.

That’s why our experts spent hours researching the irons for swing speed and made a list of only the top five. Keep reading to find out about them.

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LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual
LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons IndividualCheck Price

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Individual Iron
Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Individual IronCheck Price

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue X Individual Iron
Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue X Individual IronCheck Price

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
TaylorMade SIM MAX IronsCheck Price

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set
Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron SetCheck Price

Best Irons for Fast Swing Speed Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your gameplay. So, choose an iron according to your playing style.

1. LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual

Who wouldn’t want a premium quality golf iron at one-fourth the price? Lazrus irons are made with high-quality alloy steel which makes sure that the irons provide consistency with every strike.

Fast swingers don’t need to worry about distances. Because their fast swings make sure that with every strike the ball covers a long distance.

But, players with fast swing speeds need better consistency with their shots to do better.

Also, Lazrus irons have a regular flex. Regular flex is perfect for players with medium to fast swings. Although stiff flex should be better for players with very fast swing speeds, regular flex can be a less aggressive solution.

However, when compared to other irons on the market, Lazrus irons sell individual 4 to PW irons and also sell them together as a set. This is uncommon with other brands.

Most Likeable Features

Lazrus premium irons have deep grooves for better spin and control over the ball. Also, these are made with alloy steel and have a stepped steel shaft. That ensures that Lazrus irons are perfect for long shots covering a lot of distance.

Probable Drawbacks

2 iron and 3 iron for fairway shots are not as good as the 4-PW sets. Although, 2-3 irons are sold as a different set.

Key Features

  • Easy and no questions asked return policy
  • Regular flex with custom grips
  • Deep grooves for spin and control
  • Consistent strikes for fast swingers

2. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Individual Iron

Do you need individual irons for your set? Maybe one or two of your irons have worn out and you need only an individual iron and not a full set. This happens regularly. That’s why Callaway gold came up with Mavrik Max individual irons.

These irons can be bought customized to be exactly how you want them to. Callaway provides graphite and steel shaft material irons along with left and right-hand orientation.

Also, ladies, light, regular, and stiff flex irons are available.

For any fast swinger, stiff irons with a steel shaft should be perfect. A stiff shaft ensures that the ball follows through the fast swing and covers the most distance with accuracy. That’s why Callaway Mavrik Max irons are perfect for fast swingers.

However, most steel shaft irons vibrate and cause hand pain. That’s why Callaway used urethane microspheres to absorb unwanted vibrations and help players with a perfect launch.

Most Likeable Features

Mavrik Max irons are made using A. I to create a sophisticated face structure. This provides a significant boost in ball speed and increases spin robustness. Also, Callaway’s patented technology ensures optimum launch at every strike.

Probable Drawbacks

Although these Mavrik irons are amazing, they are too expensive according to some users. While Callaway Edge irons are significantly cheaper.

Key Features

  • Very forgiving gameplay
  • High-quality grip for easy usage
  • Absorbs unwanted vibrations for incredible ball speed
  • Custom Tungsten-infused weights in each iron

3. Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue X Individual Iron

Science and technology have made our lives better in so many ways over the years. From electricity to gold irons, science has innovated everything. Callaway Golf did the mathematics for you so that you can have the longest shot in your career!

However, it’s hard for everyone to understand how they do it, but they MIM’d internal standing waves. This ensures that every strike has optimal flight and control.

Well, you may not understand the science behind it, but you sure will understand the benefits.

Also, having a 360 face cup Rogue X irons provide more ball speed. Combined with a KBS max 90 steel shaft material and a fast swing player, Rogue X irons can provide strikes as good as any tour player! So, don’t hesitate before buying one of these.

To conclude, when compared to other irons on the market, Rogue X irons provide the ultimate distance. Although, some other irons may have better stability for specific players.

Most Likeable Features

Callaway Golf uses its patented urethane microsphere technology to improve sound and feel without compromising ball speed and COR. Also, Rogue X irons are lighter and longer but stronger in lofts. So, ultimately these are better than average.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have complained that the irons are much heavier than average irons on the market.

Key Features

  • Can be bought individually
  • Variable Face Thickness design for ball speed
  • Perfect iron for covering long distances
  • Lighter in weight, longer in length

4. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

If you are a player with a fast swing speed, we can undoubtedly say that you struggle most with straight, consistent ball flights. Because fast swings are explosive and it can get hard to control. That’s why Taylormade SIM Max irons have an ultra-thin face.

In addition, Taylormade uses Inverted Cone Technology to increase the sweet spot and minimize sidespin.

With this ultra-thin face and ICT, SIM Max irons can be placed among the best irons for fast swing speed.

However, a forgiving iron is always better. These help amateur players with confidence and professional players a better game. That’s why, SIM max irons are made using revolutionary speed bridge technology, which ensures better forgiveness and explosive distance.

Also, when compared to other irons on the market, SIM Max irons have a maximized face flexibility for better speed and control.

Most Likeable Features

TaylorMade manufactured these irons with the most modern of technologies available currently. Using modern science, they have perfected the art and their irons provide explosive distances with increased forgiveness and stability.

Probable Drawbacks

Although these are listed as 5-PW sets, users only received a single iron and not a set. So, you are buying individual irons.

Key Features

  • Regular and Stiff Flex available
  • Ultra-thin face for increased consistency
  • Inverted Cone Technology for better accuracy
  • Echo damping system for better sound

5. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf is a household name among golfers, isn’t it? Everyone loves their irons and the accountability Cleveland provides. Well, HB Turbo launchers are no different.

These irons have a turbocharged face, which is thinner and hotter than average and made of high strength steel. This ensures that the irons provide explosive speed and covers a lot of distance with every strike.

Also, Cleveland redesigned these irons to have HI bore crown. With low, deep weighting, these irons are easy to hit the ball with and provides high ball flight.

Also, with progressive hollow shaping in the set, you can have forgiveness and control where necessary.

However, according to 7-iron swing speed charts, HB turbo irons with stiff flex and steel material is perfect for golfers with a fast swing unlike most other iron sets on the market.

Most Likeable Features

HB Turbo irons have a hollow construction. In addition, they have internal stabilization which makes them very easy to play with and very forgiving. These help new players to correct their game and boost confidence too.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have complained that the irons are too heavy for them and the return process costs almost half the money!

Key Features

  • Steel Shaft material for stability
  • Regular and stiff flex available
  • Progressive hollow shaping across the set
  • Internal stabilizing ribs for better forgiveness

Things to Consider Before Buying Irons for Fast Swing Speed

Best Irons for Fast Swing Speed

Irons are the second most important thing in golf after the player. Every professional player customizes their irons according to their playing style and this proves to have a lot of impact on their gameplay.

So, every golfer despite their handicap needs to have a somewhat customized set of irons. At least, they need to figure out their swing speed and choose irons according to that.

Having the best irons for 90 mph swing speed can prove to be essential if your swing speed is around that. But, there are some things that you need to consider before buying any type of irons.

As there are hundreds of irons available on the market, it can get quite hard to choose the perfect one for you. That’s why we came up with a guideline for you to follow before buying even a single iron.

If you consider these topics before buying irons, you surely will find the perfect fit for your playing style and improve your game. Additionally, you can check our review on srixon golf balls.

Swing Speed

First of all, you need to determine your swing speed. You may think that you’re pretty fast, but in reality, it may not be the case. So, you need to measure your swing speed.

There are different ways to determine your swing speed. Many golf retail stores provide this type of measurements. Also, you can calculate your swing speed with the club that you hit 150 yards with.

If you need to use a 3-iron or wood to reach 150 yards, your swing speed is less than 60 mph; a 4-iron is 60-75 mph; a 5-iron is 75-84 mph; a 6- or 7-iron is 84-93 mph, and an 8- or 9-iron is over 93 mph.

Read about calculating swing speed on your own to know more.

Shaft flex

Shaft flex is one of the most important things on an iron that depends mostly on your swing speed. For Fast swingers, regular, stiff, and extra stiff flexes are most suitable.

Although, regular flex is mostly for average swing speed golfers. According to the 7-iron swing speed chart shaft flex should be stiff if your swing speed is 84-93 mph. If your swing speed is even higher then consider buying extra stiff irons.

Shaft Materials

Generally, shafts are made of either graphite or steel. Graphite shafts are better for players with slow swings and steel shafts are better for players with fast swing speed.

Graphite shafts help players with long-distance shots and maximize the speed. However, steel shafts provide better consistency for fast swingers.


Players with fast swings generally prefer half-cavity or blade clubheads. Because they provide more consistency and control.

However, players with slow swings prefer full-cavity irons because they aid the players with their forgiving gameplay.

You should follow these points before buying any iron to find the perfect one for you.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What swing speed requires a stiff shaft for irons?

If you have a swing speed of 84 to 93 mph, you should consider playing with stiff shaft flex irons. Although, some players consider 94-104 mph to use stiff shaft. So, this depends on your preference.

Experiment a little bit to find the perfect one for you.

2. How fast should I swing a 7-iron?

Average PGA Tour players swing their 7-irons at 90 mph. This can be considered pretty fast. So, as an amateur, anything between 80 to 90 mph is good enough. Although, if you want to improve your game, you may need to follow speed training protocols.

3. Are Graphite shafts better for slower swing speeds?

Graphite shafts are lighter and easier to swing. That’s why they are generally recommended to players with slower swing speeds.

Graphite shaft irons are significantly easier to play with than steel shaft irons if you have a slow swing.

4. Will I lose distance with a stiff shaft?

If you have a good swing but your average distance is not up to the mark, you may need to check your shaft flex. If your shaft flex is too stiff for your swing, your average distance should be lower.

5. How can I improve my swing speed?

You need to aggressively train and follow speed training protocols if you want to improve your swing speed. There are many speed training protocols available on the market.

You may follow Boosting your clubhead speed from

Final words

Having the best Irons for fast swing speed is very necessary for players with a fast swing. The perfect iron for your playing type ensures that you have better stability and control over the game.

However, finding the perfect one isn’t easy. But, as you read this far in this article we sure hope that you found the one you’re looking for. Although, if you follow the tips and guidelines, you will surely find the most suitable iron for you.

Eat, Sleep, Golf!