GameCube Controller for Melee

Top 5 Best GameCube Controller for Melee – In Depth Review

Not a lot of indoor games are as popular as Nintendo Melee. Well, we see the reason. The thrill and outrageous feeling that Melee offers is unmatched. However, accurate game controllers are core to boost the gaming experience.

From its first release in 2001, the GameCube controller is still a cult gaming console. With its immense popularity, manufacturers brought a varied range of Nintendo switch GameCube controller. And these many options can be overwhelming at times.

For that reason, our expert team has spent hours finding the best GameCube controller for Melee. Finally, they have narrowed it into a list of five.

Keep reading to know more about each selection.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller
PowerA Wireless GameCube Style ControllerCheck Price

Cipon Wired Controller Gamepad Compatible with Nintendo
Cipon Wired Controller Gamepad Compatible with NintendoCheck Price

Nintendo Game Cube Controller Super Smash Bros
Nintendo Game Cube Controller Super Smash BrosCheck Price

Nintendo GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros.
Nintendo GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros.Check Price

EVORETRO 4 Pack Gamecube Controller Bundle
EVORETRO 4 Pack Gamecube Controller BundleCheck Price

Best GameCube Controller for Melee Review

Not every device will be a fit for your necessities. Therefore, go through the detailed specifications of each GameCube controller adapter. This way, you will get to find the one gear apt for you.

We have highlighted the fors and againsts of each GameCube Controller as well. Analyzing these points will simplify your choice of product.

Let’s begin then!

1. PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller

As more and more gamers are inclining towards Bluetooth GameCube controllers, we had to begin our list with a wireless one. And what’s better than a controller from PowerA?

Besides the use of Bluetooth, the operation of this controller is quite similar to the original GameCube controller.

For ease of control, there are two bumpers in this device. The functionality of this additional bumper is quite substantial. Despite the Bluetooth operation, there is very little lag in response. Nonetheless, it doesn’t disrupt the Melee.

PowerA GameCube controller switch offers a substantial clasp. Additionally, the surface of the controller is smooth but by no means slippery. Therefore, it is comfortable to hold and carry out actions with this gear.

Here to mention, this GameCube controller switch won’t work in the regular smash setup. Go to settings and select pro-controller or joy-con. Now you are all set to smash the game!

Most liking Features

Users will not face any trouble while navigating the home screen with this controller. Added to the benefits, one can take screenshots with the device as well.

Probable Drawbacks

As the GameCube controller is battery-operated, users need to keep backup batteries within reach.

Key Features

  • Comfortable fit
  • Sleek pattern
  • Doesn’t require any accessory
  • Multiple color options

2. Cipon Wired Controller Gamepad Compatible with Nintendo

Despite the raging popularity of wireless GameCube controllers, some gamers still prefer wired ones. For such demand, our recommendation will be the GameCube controller from Cipon.

One of the major issues while using wired devices is rigid distance. Nonetheless, we didn’t face such trouble with the Cipon GameCube controller adapter. The wire in this gear is pretty long to use from a distance.

In this device, manufacturers have used a layout similar to the original GameCube controller.

Therefore, the operation of this controller got easier. It provides a snug fit in hand. Plus, there is not much trouble with buttons.

On top of all, there is no hassle of recharging the device or syncing it with setup. Just plug in the wire and done! If you are on a budget and looking for a sturdy controller, Cipon is value for money.

Most liking Features

As the Nintendo Switch GameCube controller comes in a bundle of two, it becomes easy to smash the Melee with friends. And for the cost, it’s a deal.

Probable Drawbacks

Compared to other gears, the built quality of the Cipon GameCube Controller is not that great.

Key Features

  • Easy to handle
  • Long wire for flexible usage
  • Comes in a bundle
  • Decent construction

3. Nintendo Game Cube Controller Super Smash Bros

If you already have a Nintendo gaming setup, Nintendo controllers will make substantial addition to the kit. Why? Let’s explore.

With a quick response and convenient positioning of buttons, this is device is easy to use. Despite giving a premium feel, its functioning is not as smooth as the original one.

However, it’s an effective tool and won’t lag between the Melee.

There is a plastic layer all around the GameCube controller switch. This coating is effective in protecting the gear from damages. Therefore, no more worries with the controller slipping from hand!

As many buyers might be worried about the shipping from Japan, let us share our experience. Considering the international shipping, we got a relatively fast delivery.

All in all, it’s an official GameCube controller from Nintendo. Hence, you can hardly go wrong with it. If you have the budget, getting this controller won’t be disappointing.

Most liking Features

Nintendo nailed the construction of this GameCube controller. The built is compact and lightweight at the same time. It’s very ergonomic to use.

Probable Drawbacks

Although the lag in response is not noteworthy, it is also the best we have got from a GameCube controller.

Key Features

  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Comfortable hold
  • Premium GameCube controller switch

4. Nintendo GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros.

Do you want your GameCube Controller to be basic yet sturdy? Then Nintendo Ultimate GameCube Controller can be the way out for you.

This GameCube controller switch is apt for hardcore gamers. In addition to its heavy-duty functionality, this device can undergo all the wear and tear. Despite falling off multiple times, the controller works just fine.

While using, we found the button positioning fitted for Smash Melee. The buttons in this GameCube controller switch are in an ergonomic position. The fingers can go back and forth without giving any fatigue.

Talking about the response, there is not much to whine about the device. Besides a slight lag, the controller works just fine.

Picking the best GameCube controller for Melee is not an easy task. Honestly, the choice is subjective. Nevertheless, if you want a more affordable version of the previous GameCube controller, you can get your hands on this one.

Most liking Features

Manufacturers have used a slightly textured surface in this controller. The texture allows the games to have a better hold over the device.

Probable Drawbacks

Users may find the triggers a bit loose. Nevertheless, this doesn’t affect the smash Melee.

Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Light in weight
  • Simple functioning
  • Improved grip

5. EVORETRO 4 Pack Gamecube Controller Bundle

Professional gamers are always on a hunt for effective GameCube controllers. Still and all, the price point is a concern while picking controllers.

To cater to such demands, we have included EVORETRO GameCube Controller in our list. This set comes with four GameCube controller switches at a lower cost. Thence, it’s a deal!

Some users might be concerned about the quality of a product in bundles. Well, as per our experience, we didn’t find the controllers flimsy or hard to operate.

Moreover, the positions of the keys and the response are good enough for Melee.

The pack comes with four separate cable connectors. For that reason, you can run four controllers simultaneously. Additionally, the wires are long enough to operate from a distance.

Overall, this pack of 4 Nintendo switches GameCube controllers will be a great choice for professionals.

Most liking Features

Advanced pressure sensitivity technology allows these devices for a faster response. This way, users get a smoother and elevated gaming experience.

Probable Drawbacks

Operating multiple devices at a time can be bewildering for beginners. It requires time to get used to a controller.

Key Features

  • Able to work in different setups
  • Faster response
  • Versatile choice of gears
  • Value for money

Things to Consider Before Buying GameCube Controller for Melee

Best GameCube Controller for Melee
Despite its ascendancy in a game, people often tend to the importance of a GameCube controller switch. But once you try out a quality GameCube, you will understand the difference. For that reason, quality assurance is a must.

Nevertheless, the concept of “quality” is very subjective. What I consider the best GameCube controller for Smash Melee for me might not be of any use to you. Hence, making a list of your set of preferences will be helpful.

To help you form a basic outline, we have listed the primary things to consider while buying a GameCube controller switch. In addition, you can check the recommendations for Trampoline Accessories.


In this case, one of the most important facets is compatibility. You are not going to design your gaming setup based on your gaming controller. Rather, your controller needs to match up with your existing game setup.

Besides, take note of the connectors. Here we are talking about platform and controller- both kinds of support. Although you will be good with a controller supporting your system, it is better to go for a more flexible device.

For that, we suggest going for a game controller that is fit to use in Windows, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. Checking the Aluminum Baseball Bat will be helpful as well.


Ignoring the receptibility will be the biggest mistake while picking the Nintendo Switch GameCube controller.

No one wants to press a button and wait for the device to respond. Again, you don’t want your device to receive the wrong commands. Such instances can be infuriating and not expected from a quality device.

The quick response of the device will save you from hand sores. Otherwise, a poor receptive device will demand long and hard pressing of buttons.

A fine GameCube controller is very sensitive to touch. It will tale command with a slight touch of fingers. Such receptivity allows you to annihilate enemies without much difficulty.


As the entire game depends on the movement of your fingers, the comfortable hold is a prerequisite for your gear. Or else the GameCube controller switch will affect your Melee experience.

On that account, go for a Nintendo switch GameCube controller that fits you like a glove. Furthermore, the surface of the controller should be smooth but not slippery.

The lightness of the device is another important facet. Your hands shouldn’t be aching after gaming sessions. Once you get the ergonomy right, you can ramp up the whole gaming experience.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I connect the GameCube controller switch with a wire?

The answer will vary from device to device.

The connection depends on your device. If your GameCube controller switch comes with a wire, you need to connect it with your PC. Again, a Bluetooth device doesn’t require a wired connection. For further assistance, check the manual of your device.

2. Can I use the controller for other games?


Other than Melee, you can use the GameCube controller switch for any Nintendo game.

3. Does the Nintendo switch GameCube controller rumble?


There is rumbling in the GameCube controller adapter. This rumbling is quite similar to the original GameCube.

4. Is there any issue of input delay?

Not much.

All the game controllers have a slight delay in the input. It is standard in most of the Nintendo Switch GameCube controller. Nonetheless, it will not create any trouble in gaming.

5. Are these controllers durable?


If there is no minor technical failure, the Nintendo Switch GameCube controller will perform strongly for a long time. Still and all, the longevity will vary based on the usage and maintenance.

Final Word

Picking the best GameCube controller for Melee can be demanding. However, choosing the controller compatible with your device will get you halfway through the process.

Although Nintendo and Melee games are pretty old, nothing can compare to the nostalgia that it offers. And using the right control gear will give you the best time with the game.

We hope our article helped you to find the right GameCube controller switch. Don’t forget to share your escapade with us!