Forged Wedges

Best Forged Wedges – Our Top 5 Selection from 99+ Models

Wedges are the golf clubs with the heaviest clubheads, broad lofts, and brief shafts. Wedges are particularly useful for hitting chips, pitches, and bunker shots. Also, wedges can give you the maximum flight more than any other club.

That’s why finding the best forged wedges for your playing type is so necessary and that’s where most people make a mistake. There are so many types of wedges available on the market that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed.

Although buying quality callaway forged wedge might not be easy, we can help you through the process. So, we put our team of researchers searching for top-quality forged wedges and made a list of only the top five.

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ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set
LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge SetCheck Price

Callaway Golf 2017 Mack Daddy Forged Nickel Chrome
Callaway Golf 2017 Mack Daddy Forged Nickel ChromeCheck Price

Lucky Wedges Gold 60 Degree Lob Wedge
Lucky Wedges Gold 60 Degree Lob WedgeCheck Price

C. Carnahan Forged Wedges
C. Carnahan Forged WedgesCheck Price

Lucky Wedges Gold 56 Degree Sand Wedge
Lucky Wedges Gold 56 Degree Sand WedgeCheck Price

Best Forged Wedges Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose a forged wedge according to your necessity.

1. LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set

If you’ve been playing golf for some time, you have surely heard of Lazrus. This brand has some solid golf clubs in its arsenal. Their clubs are an excellent option for someone looking to buy brand new irons.

That’s why Lazrus is the first brand we are mentioning. If you’re just starting, Lazrus can offer you high-quality Forged Golf Wedge only at a quarter of the price of other name brands! These wedges are made for people like us with pretty high handicaps.

Why you may ask? Well, these wedges from Lazrus are very forgiving. These are forged with a milled face for better spin, consistency, and control. Also, alloy steel material and quality craftsmen ship, Lazrus forged wedges are in for a run!

Although if you are still not sure about buying one of these, maybe Lazrus’s 100% risk-free purchase deal will assure you. As you can return the wedges if you don’t like their performances, this is a win-win purchase.

Most Likeable Features

The premium quality of these wedges at such a low price must be the main likable feature of these wedges. While other ping glide forged wedge cost hundreds of dollars, Lazrus wedges will cost you so much less and just shave off strokes from your game.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have complained that the wedges aren’t very durable and they bent a little.

Key Features

  • 52, 56, and 60-degree loft wedges available
  • Micro milled face for better accuracy and spin
  • High quality, low price
  • Alloy steel shaft for heavy durability
  • Great reviews from customers

2. Callaway Golf 2017 Mack Daddy Forged Nickel Chrome

Unless you live in a very dry area like southern California, you’d want to look at this one. First of all, Callaway golf is a huge game-changed and their Mack Daddy wedges have been doing exactly that for areas with minimum rainfall.

How you may ask? Well, As you already know consistency is key in golf and the number one thing that breaks consistency is moisture. Because this ruins the spin of most wedges. However, not all of them.

Because Callaway Mack Daddy wedges have exceptional control from signature shaping and progressive CG. Also, with their defined crescent sole these wedges are perfect for precise and controlled shots.

In the end, these wedges offer more spin especially on pitches and chips because of their 16-groove configuration, and being forged of soft 1025C steel makes them feel great with added consistency as a bonus! Who wouldn’t like that?

Most Likeable Features

Mack Daddy wedges from Callaway is a very balanced and reliable wedge. But most importantly these are very forgiving to mistakes. With their progressive center of gravity, you can add much more spin to your shots without sacrificing power.

Probable Drawbacks

The only reason to probably not like these is that they cost more than cheap golf wedges.

Key Features

  • More controlled trajectory in high lofts
  • Very versatile with Signature R grind
  • A clean, classy look with modern design
  • 1025 Carbon Steel material for better performance
  • Satin Chrome or Brushed Slate look

3. Lucky Wedges Gold 60 Degree Lob Wedge

If you are looking for a forged lob wedge, then you’re right where you need to be. Lucky wedges have the perfect wedge for you and you’ll love it.

Most golfers pretend like how a wedge look doesn’t matter. But, we all know that it does. As a golfer, you need to make a mark on the turf, with your appearance, your behavior, and most importantly your playing.

That’s why Lucky golf is offering you the appearance and gameplay that you need. If you would ever buy a wedge for the looks, it should be this one. But, these wedges have a lot more to offer except being pretty.

Lucky wedges lob wedge plays and feel great. They have a 10-degree bounce, a forged soft carbon steel golf head, a soft grip, and most importantly these wedges will shave off your handicap if you let them.

Most Likeable Features

Lucky gold wedges are perfect as lob wedges. Because these have a very high arc and they provide great loft. Also, if you are a high handicapper Lucky gold wedges can help you a lot as these are very easy to fly.

Probable Drawbacks

The grip that comes with the wedges is pretty for sure, but you could improve that by buying new grips of your liking.

Key Features

  • Looks great, gives bold statements
  • Spins the ball very well
  • Easy to flight and great loft
  • Consistent, stable, and shaves of strikes
  • 1020 forged soft carbon steel material

4. C. Carnahan Forged Wedges

For golf wedges, you need to look at the three P’s: Price, Performance, and Preference. Well, we don’t know what you prefer but we sure prefer these wedges to be the best forged wedges on a budget right now!

That’s a very bold statement but hear us out first. These forged wedges from C. Carnahan have a unique triple grind sole that provides you with the versatility you need around the greens. Also, these have a heavier head weight for better control.

However, the thing we like most about these is that they are very cheap. You can buy much worse wedges from big brands for a higher price but they won’t be close to being this good. Also, these wedges have a soft forged feel that no one can hate.

In the end, if you are willing to buy wedges with high-tech brands backing them or fancy finishes, this one might not be for you. But, if you are looking for wedges that perform, C. Carnahan is the brand to go for.

Most Likeable Features

The most likable feature of these wedges is that they cost very low and perform great for the price. So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune and still be able to play golf this is the choice for you.

Probable Drawbacks

If you want high-tech performance or fancy looks, this one isn’t for you.

Key Features

  • A very easy club to hit
  • Made in the USA and up to precise standards
  • Golf pride tour velvet grip
  • True temper dynamic gold shaft
  • Great value for the price

5. Lucky Wedges Gold 56 Degree Sand Wedge

If you are looking for a sand wedge, then look no more. Because we found the perfect club with a sand wedge loft of 56 degrees. Lucky golf probably is one of the best brands to buy from if you want performance and class.

However, first, we need to look at the specifics. Before buying any golf wedge you need to know three basic things about the wedge. The loft, the lie, and the bounce. These wedges have a 56 degrees loft, a 63 degrees lie, and 12 degrees bounce.

So, this is perfect to be played as a sand wedge and help you guide through the sandy dunes. Also, you need to remember to ask about the performance as well. Well, we can assure you Lucky golf has manufactured the best performing sand wedge in this price range.

In the end, all that’s left is the look and Lucky golf is certainly better at that than even big-name brands like Cleveland wedges. Why? Well, to start these wedges are gold in color, they show off their beautiful body very well and the aesthetics of the wedge is very balanced.

So, what else did you need?

Most Likeable Features

Lucky golf showed through these wedges that they not only care about the business but also the game and their customers too. At 56 degrees loft, this is the most versatile sand wedge. Lucky wedges are the statement you want with a good game to back it up!

Probable Drawbacks

Though sand wedges are usually heavier, these are only 300 grams. That may advantage someone, but also be a problem to some.

Key Features

  • CNC milled face for better consistency
  • Luxurious looks with flawless performance
  • Very versatile for chip shots, wedge shots, sand shots, etc
  • Tour approved and tournament legal grooves
  • Overall a very balanced sand wedge

Things to consider before buying Forged Wedges

Best Forged Wedges

Golf is a very strategic game, so you need a strategy right now if you want to do better in your game. Although it’s about the player and not the equipment, sometimes it is about the equipment too.

What most golfers miss to understand is that their golf clubs are even more important than they think. The clubs mostly let you control the game. So, if you can’t communicate well with your clubs, you can’t play golf well!

However, as a quarter of all shots are played by wedges, they are a very important place to start. That’s why finding the best forged golf wedges for your gameplay is so important. Although not an easy task, we will help you go through this.

Read and follow the guidelines below and you will find the one you have been looking for in no time. You can check out our picks for Nerf Darts as well.

Type of wedge you need

There are mainly four types of wedges. Pitching wedge, Gap wedges, Sand Wedge, and Lob wedge. All of these have their purposes. So, most pro players carry at least four wedges in their bags to elevate their short game.

However, you need to customize what you need according to your playing style. Pitching wedge loft is generally 44-48 degrees, gap wedge loft is 50 to 54 degrees, Sand wedges loft ranges between 54 to 58 degrees and Lob wedges have the highest loft around 60 to 64 degrees. Checking the Lithium Golf Cart Batteries will be helpful as well.


Loft in wedges is the angle created between the ground and the clubface. The loft has a direct impact on how far you can hit the ball with the club. A lower loft means a bigger distance and a higher loft means a higher elevation.

The loft is one of the most important aspects to look for before buying any wedge because you need to understand exactly what you need to improve your game.

Lie angle

Lie angle is one of the most overlooked factors in golf but it can heavily affect your game and either help you or disadvantage you if you don’t take care of it.

Having the correct lie angle on your wedges is very important when it comes to consistent strikes and accuracy. However, correcting this mostly requires you to go see a club-fitter and get some advice. But, that can get expensive.


The bounce of the wedge is the area that touches the turf and bounces the club of the turf. That’s why it is called a bounce. Bounce is the group name for bounce angle, sole width, leading-edge, rocker, and camber of a wedge.

Usually bounce angle is referred to as bounce. Bounce angle is a very important factor if you want to have a versatile and balanced game. 4 to 6 degrees bounce is considered a low bounce and these wedges are perfect for players who sweep the balls.

Meaning they take a shallower divot, or have firmer turf conditions, etc.

A 7 to 10 degrees bounce is considered mid-range and this is very well-suited for most conditions. This type of bounce is the most versatile bounce. On the other hand, a bounce of more than 10 degrees is considered a high bounce.

High-bounce wedges are suitable for players who dig the turf or take deep divots.

If you keep these things in mind, you will find the perfect forged wedge for your playing type.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What is the most popular wedge on the PGA tour?

60 out of the top 100 PGA golfers use a 46-degree pitching wedge. This is the most popular wedge on the PGA Tour. The second most used loft is the 48-degree wedge.

2. What degree wedge is best for chipping?

Most would agree that a 56-degree wedge is the most suitable for chipping. This loft has the perfect height, spin, and consistency for chipping the ball well.

3. What wedge is closest to green?

Pitching wedges are the lowest lofted type. These have a loft degree range from 44 to 48 degrees. These wedges are the most commonly used for golfers and this helps the golfers with their versatility in the short game.

4. Do I need more than a 56-degree wedge?

Most golfers don’t need to have both a 56-degree sand wedge and a 60-degree lob wedge. A 58-degree wedge would be a lot more versatile and that should be the highest loft wedge in most bags.

5. Which are the best forged wedges of all time?

There are many good brands and many types of wedges that can be labeled the best. Because most good wedges have some advantage over the others. So, this is more or less a personal preference and you need to understand it that way.

Final words

If you are looking to improve your short game the least you can do is find the best forged wedges suitable for you and try to improve your game regularly. Understanding the game will get you further than any expensive clubs you can buy.

However, as you read this far in the article we hope to have helped you through this journey. Have fun on the turf!